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George's verse divisions

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This group is for sharing some custom verse divisions I'm using. It takes some time to split the chapters up in a more logical (and fun) way, and making these verse divisions available may save some time for others ☺️ The idea is that having one idea in each 'chunk' makes it simpler to memorise (and meditate on) each concept. Some chapters, especially in Revelation, have a huge amount of content in each verse. This is not helpful if you are using a method that works best when each 'station' has a single concept. This is the case for me as I draw out verses in a grid - a kind of paper based memory palace. The obvious downside of this is that when you read a verse reference the numbers don't match! This doesn't bother me, and can actually be enjoyable - you can recall the surrounding ideas and guess at which verse they are referring to. This actually helps with my whole aim of memorisation: understanding the text deeply enough that you can think through a chapter as a unit (not just as proof texts!) and let it do its work in your mind and heart.

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