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The Bible Memory App is the only complete Bible memory system that makes it easy for you to Memorize, Organize, and Review verses.

You can even memorize and review verses while reading and studying your Bible, all in one app!

Memorize Bible verses fast by actively engaging 3 separate cognitive areas: kinesthetic (touch), visual, and auditory memory.

Kinesthetic Memory: Type the first letter of each word in a verse to quickly memorize it in a proven, 3-step memorization process, Type It—Memorize It—Master It

Visual Memory: Draw Pictures and use Flash Cards (*PRO features). Animated Word Emphasis feature accentuates each word to ingrain it into your memory.

Auditory Memory: Record verse audio and playback for hands-free review (*PRO feature)

The Bible Memory App is also the only Bible memory system you can access across all mobile devices and online, at Your progress stays in sync between all of your devices, so you can memorize anytime, anywhere. Even without the Internet!

Make Bible memory easy. Get The Bible Memory App today!
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The Bible Memory App for iPhone
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